Using the bus is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around (12NTD a ride and you can pay using money that you put on your student ID card after you get it registered). Information about what bus to take to get to a certain destination is readily available via Google Maps.


The MRT (Rapid transit train) is a faster way of getting around. The fare varies depending on how far you are travelling. Many of the MRT stops are near to famous spots such as night markets, shopping districts, etc. Your student ID card can be used as an IPASS for riding the train.

The nearest MRT station to KMU is Houyi station (R12) on Bo-ai 1st Rd.

For more info, visit: https://www.krtco.com.tw/en/index.aspx

C-Bike Rental

Another good way of getting around the city is by bike. Kaohsiung has its very own bike rental system where you can rent bikes for free for the first hour and 10NTD for the first 30 minutes; 20NTD per hour for the subsequent rental period. C-Bike stations can be found all around the city. Rental can be done using an IPASS Card (or your Student ID card) and the registration to do this only takes a few minutes.

One bike rental station is just beside the main entrance of KMU on Tongmeng 1st Rd. and the other one is at the exit 2 of MRT Houyi Station (R12).

For more info, go to: http://www.c-bike.com.tw/english/Default.aspx

Online Registration: http://www.c-bike.com.tw/member_register1.aspx (in Chinese)

(Steps: click the button for the agreement on the rules → fill in personal information → get the notification on your cell phone → registration done)

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