• Lunchbox “Buffets” (Cafeteria)

    Having Bian Dang or lunchboxes for lunch is a common practice in Taiwan. One such buffet is located at B1 in International Academic Research Building of KMU (the cafeteria). You can choose from a wide variety of meats and vegetables, and can choose to get rice as well. Price depends on how many items you choose. And if you are looking for more variety, there are several buffets outside of the school.

    How to get there

    To reach the nearest buffet place that is outside of school, exit through the Tongmeng 1st Rd. gate and turn left. At the end of the block (where Nu Pasta is located) cross onto Beiping 1st Street, the buffet should be about 1 or 2 buildings down.

  • 青島便當街 (Qingdao Street/ Qingdao Bian Dang Street)

    Qingdao Street, also called Bian Dang (lunch box) street, is conveniently located across from our school hospital. As the nickname suggests, the street is a great place to find lunch or dinner. A wide range of food and drinks can be found such as fried rice, curry, milk tea, fruit smoothies and much more.

    How to get there

    Make your way onto Shiquan 1st Rd. (you can take a shortcut through the hospital) and lunchbox street is situated right beside Carrefour.

  • 吉林街 (Jilin Street/ Night Market)

    When looking for a snack in the night time, you can head down to Jilin Street. You can find many popular dishes on this street and many streets surrounding it, including popcorn chicken, grilled corn on the cob, beef noodle soup and much more.

    How to get there

    Jilin Night Market is a short 8- min walk from KMU. Leave through the Ziyou 1st Rd. exit and take a left towards KFC, then take a right on Shiquan 1st Rd. and walk for about 250m, the night market should be on your left.

★ Roads with many restaurants/ food are marked in light yellow on the map.

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